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Kava Curious
One for the experts. When microdosing golden teacher to improve neuroplasticity do I need to refrain from drinking kava? Would the kava block the benefits of silly fungi medicine or cause other undesirable effects? I haven't been able to find any information about this so I turn to you!


Kava Enthusiast
You should be solid if its just a true micro. I take museum doses mixed with kava which has never given me a bad time. Only have to watch out for tummy aches when mixing at higher doses. Also heavies go better than headies with them.


Kava Lover
It could block the effect of the micro if you take them close together. Kava has a mood stabilizing effect. The mix is safe as long as there is no maoi like you would use with ayahuasca


our Roots run deep
agree with both above. kava will likely mute the effects of microdosing psilocybin if taken too close together. if your microdose is morning, then late afternoon and evening kava shells should be ok from interfering with the other. similar if you microdose before bed, avoid kava for the evening is my recommendation.

as for bad effects, even though everyone is different, I've not had any issue having kava while under influence of large and huge dose sessions. heavies and balanced kavas did work with me better than the one heady tried which was quite overwhelming... for sure it can be quite a different and intensified experience as with adding cannabis to one or both... also to say, if microdosing, only negative effect I'd assume is the kava cancelling the subtle effect of less than half a gram of GTs~