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Kava Curious
hey guys,
I am a bit of a new face on here! I appreciate all of the knowledge and feedback from the community! I just ordered the deep awa! The coupon code works! Cant wAit to try it!
I vape cannabis extracts all day, but am new to vg oils and what not, so any advice is greatly appreciated, i will be going out to buy a good mod this weekend any advice on saving money and getting quality is appreciated! Thanks

Edit- i reported back to other pages and may buy the innonin mvp2 that kapm recommends
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Kava Curious
I would recommend a iStick. There is a variety of different sizes and you can adjust your wattage if you upgrade. Here is a link to their webpage (http://www.eleafworld.com/index.php). A 10W device would be perfect for using Noble Clouds from researching around with people. 9-10watts. They also make a 30w and the new 50w and they sell a lot of good starter kits.


Hi all,still finding my way around but knew about this as there is someone selling Noble Clouds E-Juice on ebay.
I've been Vaping since 2011 and have many Mods,Mechanical and VV/VW. They are as ugly as and pretty big,but the old Vamo is a cheap but trusty investment and would suit this application with maybe an Aspire or similar tank. Kanger make the Subtank too,which is a Hybrid so you can either replace coils or convert it to an RBA.
I generally wrap my own these days and use the mech with an N22 Dripper for Nico @0.3 Ohms.
Looks like I'd better place an order next pay with Noble Clouds and dig out the VV/VW (y)


The Kaptain (40g)
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Yeah anyone have any news on e cig kava liquid ? Is it worth it at all?
Noble Clouds is legitimate. It's worth checking out. Very unique taste. I wouldn't expect a full session out of it, just because of the sheer volume of kavalactones required for one.
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