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Tanoa Talk K@. What is it? How did it become associated with Kava?


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Hey @Kojo Douglas in the Tanoa Talk about K@ I attempt to click this link, https://doi.org/10.2307/3773584 and am seeing, "10] Turner, James W. 1986. “‘The Water of Life’: Kava Ritual and the Logic of Sacrifice.” Ethnology 25 (3): 203–14" which looks very good. I have to tell you the links are routing through facebook servers. there is a redirect and facebook is in the target link, between blog and reference. Why?

Well said leaf facts. I appreciate it being said that K@ was never a traditional pairing. I know some friends who like coffee before having their kava. In my experience the side effects play louder, and adding another herbal remedy to my diet only means I can drink less kava.

I have drank enough kava in one sip to numb my entire stomach lining. There is no way to potentiate such a feeling without adding nausea or indigestion to the mix. K@ leaf may be contaminated with bacteria because it's unregulated, all sorts of unnecessary risks. There was a salmonella outbreak with the Mitragyna Speciosa supply here in New York a few years ago. The recall was orchestrated poorly, a local smokeshop continued to sell off the recalled leaf powder, saying, "Salmonella? Not here." Just something to think about. Quality is ensured with kava, vendors who sell kava root overseas are providing lab analysis sheets with declaration of bacteria found, as well as heavy metals or mold. When was the last time you saw a Certificate of Analysis for a batch of K@?

Kava culture is like milk culture. Farmers, meticulous harvest technique, processing into a beverage with hands. Kava milk is nice too. I can imagine myself !eaving a case of empty shells at the front door for the KavaMan to refill fof me!

Thank you. I have been trying to get in our Saturday night kava ceremonies and I am still finishing my job after midnight, we'll have to occasionally do an extra meeting for a KavaForum holiday! It can be known that I had a frothy shell last night in honor of our meetings.