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Hey Folks - Well a little like the God Father.. Just when I thought I was out they keep pulling me back in!!

After over a decade working in the kava industry; Vanuatu kava Shop, The Kava Emporium, Kava Cola, Tanna kava, Instant kava, kava extracts, Black Honey, US and EU exports etc... I relocated to Australia with the family and was busy in my consultancy biz. Then the news came through that the Oz govt. were finally going to pull the trigger on their Phase 2 roll out with labeling kava as a food and not scheduling it. Well the inbox, facebook and whatsapp blew up with old Vanuatu and Fji contacts wanting to get me to start something. So after careful consideration here we are:


We have started out with Borogu and a small amount of Melo Melo and have just taken stock of some Waka from our old chums at QIO. We are milling to 3mm so you aren't going to get the 100% baby powder, but though I'd attach some pics to give Australian kava connoisseurs what to expect. Hope to have some instant kava from the guys we sold the instant kava machinery and IP to as well in the future!

If any Australian kava crew want to give us a shot, use the "Kavaforum" discount coupon to get a further 5% off your next order.

I think it might also be worth mentioning that we are definitely looking at kava bar options as well, so if anyone is interested in having a chat about how this would work in Australia, hit me up .