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Kava delivery time from New Zealand


New Zealand
Kava Vendor
Just don't compare courier's like fedex or ups with the postal service.
You'd be surprised. Overall fedex etc are a bit faster than NZ Post when it comes to moving packages between countries, BUT their local customs brokers are often totally useless. E.g. we had to stop offering Fedex for USA deliveries because we were requested by Fedex to file 2 extra forms and do 20 minutes worth of paperwork to accompany every parcel. And the clearance still took 2-3 extra days. No such issues with NZ Post/USPS.


Kava Enthusiast
Anyone else having problem placing an order today? It's the same card that I've been using before and it's open for purchases world wide.


Kava Curious
Placed my order on 9/26 and it was delivered on 10/5. I registered with NZ Post and got regular updates. It was a smooth process from start to finish and I'm looking forward to trying their kava for the first time.


New Zealand
Kava Vendor
That's seems nuts. I've placed 2 orders, and both were delivered in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully, your situation was an anomaly.

I was planning on placing another order so appreciate the warning (of sorts).

He ordered it to Northern Europe just before Christmas. Christmas alone meant weeks of delays in Europe, then Brexit messed up NZ Post's mailing hub in London and Covid-19 didnt help on the continent..