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Kava dermopathy

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Do some people not get kava dermopathy? Or is it everyone?
There are some people who drink kava on the regular, but never see that skin condition. I always have some level of slightly dry skin from kava.


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Do some people not get kava dermopathy? Or is it everyone?
Some people may not ever get it but it is a common condition. So it is more likely to be a side effect, where it may vary the most is the intensity of the outbreak.


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Speaking anectodally- Myself and 2 others have been drinking kava almost daily for 4 years and 1 of us only just got it recently for the first time, myself and the other have yet to ever see it.


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Also speaking anecdotally, I've been able to identify certain brands/strains that tend to trigger dermo FOR ME more than others. I emphasize "for me" because results can be highly subjective and I don't wish to drag any specific brands. And there are others that would trigger it but they are so good/strong that I don't tend to overdo it with them. Some people I think also get more dermo while pouring it on trying to get past the RT period.


Because "Shell Silverstein" was already taken
Some have reported some help from diphenhydramine (Benadryl), which also sometimes has its own side effects and to which people react differently. If you poke around in here, you'll find some other stories of remedies/treatments used. Some people report help from coconut oil supplements - there are also topical/skin treatments that people use (like AmLactin . .).