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Kava lot for sale - California

King Kava

I had to give up on kava a while back and located some bags. I purchased all kava direct from the grower/processor website. I have:

Bula Kava House Melo Melo 16oz
Bula Kava House Taveuni Waka 16oz
Kavafied Kava Supreme 8oz
Gourmet Hawaiian Kava - Ikaika Kava (instant- dehydrated)

Open bags:
Kavafied Kava Supreme about 5oz
Gourmet Hawaiian Kava - Awa Hiwa (instant - dehydrated) about 4oz
Bula Kava House Nangol Noble about 8oz
Kalm with Kava Micronized Vanuatu Borogu - opened jar, but full 4oz

I also have an Aluball shaker with two balls - good shape. Mesh strainer - new.

I'm in Orange County, California. Will arrange for pick up or ship everything. Continental US only.