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Powdered Kava Review KAVA SUPREME


mercy triumphs over judgment
I finally found a kava that is strong enough for me to feel good effects from what seems like a more "average" dosage.

I generally have to drink about 8-12 tbsp of kava to feel some kind of effect, and even then often times it leaves me wondering if there is more to kava that I seem to be missing. Kava Supreme was the first kava I have had in a long time that caused a lip numbing and ear ringing.

I decided to tread lightly with this kava, and find that I really only need to use half my normal dosage. This kava kneads well and tastes very peppery and strong. I don't think I could drink this kava every day, but I could easily mix it with one of my favorite Hawaii'an kavas to give it a nice balance.

I drink kava for the diversion of rumination, and some relief of situational depression.


Kava Curious
Kava Supreme is amazing, but one I bring out on weekends. For me, it makes it harder to get up on workdays because it demands I get a good nine hours of sleep in. It is strong, easy on the wallet, and one I like to introduce people to who demand their kava get them krunk.