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Powdered Kava Review KAVA SUPREME


Overall I'm happy with this instant as I love the heavier kavas and while I do have a few different micros this tends to hit harder and taste great at the same time. After consuming the first 1 1/2 tsp's a slow sedative effect took effect over the first 30 minutes which was nice at the same time I felt able to relax and really focus on my tv show but at the same time ended up zoning out into a relaxed head space every few minutes for the first hour. During the second hour I just had a slight heavy feeling and a uplifted mood along with the sedative effect which was slowly wearing off till I ended up falling asleep around 3 hours in. Overall I would of have taken more than 2 Tsp but there is a label on the tin stating "Do not exceed 2 tsp per day" so I made sure to contact support and it's just a recommendation for new users not a rule. I also would prefer the price be maybe 15$ rather then 20$ as for me personally it takes more than the recommended 1/2 tsp and considering it's a 1 oz tin it will go fast, But I'm yet to try other instants like from BKH, Root Of Happiness or Fire Island Instant from Nakamal for comparison which all seem to offer 1.7-2 oz of instant for 25-30$.