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Powdered Kava Review Kava TONGA


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I just received in the mail today. I took a full sniff the second I opened the package. The aroma is piney/peppery green , very fresh nice! Courser ground than the other Tongan kavas I've tried. The taste was very smooth and drinkable and didn't linger. It was fairly complex, I am sure others could describe it better but it is mild tasting and I actually enjoyed drinking it which is rare for me. Within 5 minutes good things were happening. Very strong numbing on the tongue , lips even the corners of my mouth down to my chin wow! Wasn't expecting that from a kava the tastes so mild. So I leaned back and the waves of euphoria began washing over me. I just felt super good calm crystal clear and focus was enhanced. I didn't feel energy tugging at me to go do something which is what I term heady . What I did feel though is incredible bliss! I rode the waves of euphoria for about 45mins. before I went to Kavafied's website and order up some more.The product description is spot on and that euphoria feels like the warmest of family welcomes. (Time out for the second wash) The second wash brought more of the same, a nice buzzing vibration in my neck an shoulders with more numbing . It was nice conversing with the wife. The social vibe feels more intimate than party so I recommend sharing this rare and special kava with one or two very close friends since some of it's unique properties might be lost on crowds . It is spendy and if you just want to get krunked and not feel anything there are better options but if you want to feel and feel good this is as good as it gets.