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Powdered Kava Review Kava TONGA


Kava Lover
---PLEASE NOTE: This is a review for the limited batch Leka Hina Tongan kava, not the standard Tongan sold by Kavafied---

I ordered a half lb of this kava so that I could cross it off my strains to try list and I am pleased with this one. I have drank this kava four different times now, having a couple shells for the first few sessions but diving deeper last night.

First I have to say this is hands down the mildest flavor I have ever tasted out of any kava. There is no doubt in my mind of this. I've had plenty off kavas that were equally pleasant tasting, but this is the most absent of kava taste. It tastes like plain starch with a very slight burn on the throat.

It brews up extremely light in color, with a nice amount of thickness considering the amount used. This is one you may able to get a third wash out of if you use a reasonable amount of root.

The effects are general headiness but with an extra level of focus and smoothness. This isn't one that makes me feel "too heady" but it definitely dwells on that side of the spectrum; however within this headiness one finds a balance.

I would call this a "nootropic" kava. This would be well suited to work, study, meditation, or when seeking a leisure experience of calm clarity.

Lastly, this kava is gentle on the stomach, but not quite so much as the regular tongan or your average lawena. I would say there was about a 10-20% more stomach side effect than the other strains mentioned. That being said, this should not be factored into a decision to purchase unless you are on the extremely sensitive side. 90% of kava drinkers probably wouldn't even notice a difference in stomach load vs the Tongan, at least in my assessment. It is still more gentle on the stomach than many almost any vanuatu or fiji kava. It's just not quite as gentle as nene and a few others.