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our Roots run deep
you share name with a Saint and an Archangel.
with shell in hand you're lookin spiritualAF and I'll bet that beam of light would follow you around all day if it could ::KavaChug::
heh, awesome pic for sure. i informed the Lady we're due once the shells and second tee arrive, tippin shells and sportin the KF swag


our Roots run deep
Leaving it up to the community to decide what the bottom portion of this design should say for the next t-shirt run, once we do, we will send them to the Printer! Let's see who comes up with the best idea. :)
i totally missed this post, really dig that Bula Crew 462, and would get another with similar sounding Bula Team 463 (or 'Awa team?)

otherwise, if it wasn't too costly for multiple options, then perhaps nods to the 24 and 42 lovers as well.

or the big three PI producers, Team Vanuatu, Fiji or Hawaii. or Team Kava, Ava and 'Awa.

eager to see something go in there, love the original but redundant in that space. ::KavaChug::