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Kisa's Kava


Kava Enthusiast
Anyone here heard of this brand?

Saw it pop up on amazon and thought I give it a shot. First impression is good. The smell was not amazing but better then my last random amazon bag (Faikava). It was very oily when straining. Taste was alright nothing to go on about. I made like 3.5 ounces in about 1 liter of water and two cups in its nice.

Kisa's Kava

Kava Vendor
Hi Bryon,

We are glad you tried our Kisa's Kava and enjoyed it. We only provide the highest quality Fijian kava direct from the source. We operate our own Facility in Vanua Levu Fiji so you can be assured that each bag of kava is 100% Noble Fijian kava root (waka). If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.