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Powdered Kava Review Kona Kava - Premium Powdered Kava Root Plus (16oz)


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So the Kona kava instant micronized drink blends were my intro to kava, and I immediately felt euphoria. Once I became more experienced, I decided to try their traditional prep kava, and the "plus" was supposed to have more "of the good stuff" in it. It must be a different strain than whats in their "instant" blends, as it does not produce euphoria for me. It does provide some energy, and is an ok daytime kava, but their instants are clearly a different strain that reacts differently with me. This one really doest do all that much for me, and I occasionally experience a kava hangover with this, which makes me question its nobility. I wont be ordering this particular one again. I will note though that some of the headier ones doent react with me (i.e. mahekea) at least in the euphoria department, where as moi an borongu seem to hit the spot.

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Thanks for the review @50ShadesOfKava. When I go on their Web Site, they talk like they are a true kava farm. Well maybe they "used to be" a kava farm but I don't believe they are growing, processing, and selling any homegrown kava. In my opinion, they are related to the kava.com conglomerate. Anyway, it's nice to see reviews of different vendors.
For my cat, named gulp, Kona kava plus hits the spot for europhia and good body high with Kona Kava plus, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines; First understand that this is not the strongest kava and, gulp, my cat usually experiences kava from Bula Kava House for a couple of days first to address reverse tolerance or you may want to mix with no more than a couple of tablespoons of BulaKava House Waka or Nambawan then with Kona Kava Plus almost two thirds of a cup of powered Kona Kava Plus to about seven or eight cups of liquid; half milk and balf water blended in blender on high settings for a few minutes at least twice maybe even three times in fourty minutes to give the kava a chance to absorb into the warm liquid, made warm by the excess blending on high, (some people even heat the liquid but not too hot or will destroy the kalvatones, as heat helps the liquid to absorb the kalvatones, no letchin please).
Next is to strain the kava root pulp with muslin bag to prevent nausea. Then finally its very important to either refrigerate or use ice cubes to get as cold as possible without freezing, this methodology produces the highest potency possible, My cat usually will devour the Kava mixture in three separate settings approximately half an hour apart, Bula

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