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Kava Vaping/Smoking Review Limited Edition Cigar


The Kaptain (40g)
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Pretty damn good!
I have to admit, I'm no cigar aficionado, but I really enjoyed the Limited Edition cigar sample I was sent. The flavor was mild, and tasty. I tasted mild faint hint of honey that is infused in the cigar. I got the characteristic peppery flavor, and the standard tobacco flavors as well. I wish I could be more descriptive in my taste profile. I didn't taste any of the berry blend kava in the cigar.


I sat down yesterday after work, and smoked the entire cigar in one sitting since I wanted to get the whole experience. Unfortunately (or fortunately due to taste) I detected zero kava flavor or effect, which was just fine. It burned very evenly, and was constructed excellently. No lumps or hollow spots in the cigar at all. I smoked a little over 1/3 and the ash still remained intact on the end. It was a bit dry, but that's due to my house, and the fact that I don't have a humidor (Maybe in the future).

If you enjoy cigars, and kava king has them in stock, I highly recommend you picking up a few for a leisurely hour and a half of your smoking pleasure. In my opinion if you're looking for a kava experience I wouldn't run to purchase them, but as the title says, the're pretty damn good as just a cigar :)
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