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little stories when Kava helped someone a little...

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Paradise Kava

Honolulu, HI
Kava Vendor
aloha everyone,
... shuffling thru old emails and things of way past... as we clean up data here... we came across this heart warming little conversation.

:D made our weekend....

Paradise Kava's conversation with a concerned Grandma.

Grandma J - "Aloha Paradise Kava Is it ok to give babies Kava when their teeth are coming in? Will it soothe the gums and help the teeth appear? Would love to hear if you have any knowledge on this? Mahalo, J"

Paradise Kava "J, we cannot give advice which even resembles medical advice. However, historically, in Hawaii, I have personally seen this done, and to my amazement, it worked. However, we cannot recommend it officially, as you understand. All the best to you and the little one! smile emoticon

Grandma J - "Thanks Paradise Kava, now I can confess, my grandson was having teething fussiness, and so we gave him some on his soother, and then again in a little cup, he loved it, his gums were happy and the next day 2 teeth popped out ............much Aloha and Mahalo

the funny thing now is when we see the little guy, we asks if he wants some Kava and "he knows" what he means ..........he gets a sweet little look on his face ....have a beautiful day :)"

Grandma J "here is the photo of him the day after with his two new teeth popped out ...one on each side of the two middle teeth ......he was a happy little Kahuna ..."



Let me quote a friend of mine who's written a blog post about how kava helped him with performance anxiety:

"After using kava in a social setting for a few months, I became aware of its anti-anxiety properties. Given that I work in academia and I am required to regularly teach as well as give conference talks and seminars in front of large audiences, all of which tends to leave me rather anxious, I started experimenting with taking kava before these activities. The results of this have been remarkable. Not only do I feel taking kava prior to public speaking allows me to perform better, the routine I have developed has allowed me to be anxiety-free the night before an important lecture, something which impeded my sleep greatly and in turn affected my performance. Therefore, I recommend to any people that suffer from performance-anxiety in their professional lives to consider the usefulness of small intakes of kava as a way of managing this anxiety." (Kava for Performance Anxiety post at the Kava Blog)

Capitán Bastos

I think Mr. Ghiasi and I might share a common trait. I think we both like to surprise people. The universe had great timing this time.

This day I had been waiting a long time for my order of borogu and Vanuatu Blend No 7 and planned to mail Adil later that day asking what happened.

That morning, I came home after my fourth nightwatch and had alot of stuff to do. (I'm considering my options to start my own business again and have a few "feelers" out there.) I was going to pick my daughter, up from her mom (my ex wife) at 2pm. 12PM I was going to take a power nap. But, I had an eye infection and the ointment was making my vision blurry. So I misread the time and thought I had plenty. My daughter (10) calls and I'm suddenly half an hour late! Pajamas, pink ankle socks and Arcteryx jacket. I shifted my 6'4'' and 220lbs to the bus stop with great haste. But, there was something protruding from the mailbox. I HAD to check.

Now, at first I was confused. But, then I thought he was out to make me reconsider the extracts. I tried one immediately of course.
Honey lemon.
This was something else entirely! A smooth, even paste. Reminds me of the coating on this yellow cream sickle I used to get as a child. If the vanilla coconut is also this smooth and cohesive, there was definitely something wrong with the last one. Maybe it split somehow? Like when you mess up a mayonnaise?

Anyways, a great surprise!

And yes, it worked. No stress as I sat on the bus dressed like I was, running late as I was. Going to see my ex wife as I was. I find Otis Redding 'the dock of the bay' to work well with kava extracts in stressful situations.

I picked up my daughter not feeling antsy at all. She was actually with a friend after school so I avoided the ex lol. I love this little lady so much. I said I was sorry, put her on my shoulders and took her backpack and gym bag. She's getting big now, genes. But when I put her on my shoulders it actually feels like I'm lighter somehow. I sent Adil an email later that day sharing this story and thanking him for a great surprise and a great product. I take this opportunity to thank you here as well @Adil Ghiasi . Also thank you for encouraging me to share this story.

I know some people frown upon the extracts and I agree when it comes to alcohol or acetone extractions. The C02 extractions are great and does not have that chemical feel/aroma/taste at all. I'm definitely ordering more of this in the future!

I have other stories about how kava helped, it's been a rough few months. I don't feel ready to share that yet, but I probably will. Suffice to say, kava has helped me keep a clear head and maintain hope and a positive look on things in a very tough and challenging period of my life.

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