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Powdered Kava Review Loa Lawena


The life of a kavaholic
First of all, I want to thank cactuskava for their great and friendly customer support. I had some trouble with the postal service and they were always quick to respond and help me out. Finally, after some trouble with customs my kava has arrived!

The taste: Best tasting Fijian kava I've yet drunk. No chaser was needed.

This kava is no joke. It takes about 10 minutes and when it hits it hits. It's really heady and potent! Made a really strong batch because I want to introduce my mom to kava and ended up making it a little bit too strong for me. She sadly did not feel much but currently, I'm on my way to another universe so I don't really mind about that! At first, this kava made me a bit lightheaded and I noticed the sounds and colors becoming sharper. I also got a strong energizing feeling which was a bit too stimulating like I was hit by a lot of G-force which I love but was a bit too blown away by it! After 5 minutes it quickly changed into a wave of relaxation and a happy krunk feeling which I am now enjoying! The only downside is the itchiness I am experiencing with this kava but it's definitely worth it. Highly recommended for people who like a good heady kava! I'm going to throw some Eva into the mix, curious what magic that will bring!

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