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Powdered Kava Review Loa Waka Fijian Kava


Kava Curious
Been a while since I've had kava. I took a break for financial reasons and recently realized I had more saved than I thought so I made a big ol purchase of kava to help reduce my desire to drink or use other intoxicants. Bought a 1lb bag of this and writing the review as I go.

Kneaded 4-6 tablespoons total over 3 washes, each 20ish minutes apart. I use about 50% macadamia nut milk (just my preference, use any kind of fatty milk you want, cow, nut, oat, soy, etc) and 50% water because I believe the fats help extract kavalactones.

Hit like an opiate freight train in the first 15 minutes, I hate to compare this to a very addictive and dangerous class of drugs, but we all know how people describe opiates as feeling like you're getting a big, warm hug. Anxiety melts away in one fell swoop. I hold my breath for a long time and then breathe through my mouth while eating chocolate so I can't comment too much to the flavor, but it's milder than most kavas I remember.

Still at peak about 30 minutes in and I'm going to prepare a baked potato with a hefty serving of butter in the hopes of re-peaking when I start to come down, as many people say they feel a greasy meal makes the kava come back in full force. Just finished my second wash and drank it fast.

40 minutes in and I'm going to start a final wash with a small amount of water and macadamia milk. Better to have a some less potent kava at the end than to let any of the KLs go to waste! Feeling good, still at about the same peak level as before. Maybe a little more sedated.

55 minutes in or so, finished kneading my last bowl and it was fairly weak but had a little numbing going on. Drank it quick. I feel like I've peaked a little higher now.

Almost 70 minutes in now, peak is wearing off a bit maybe, still feel about the same as before. Very good, and I'll have to try it again in the near future. I wasn't trying to get really kava drunk tonight, I didn't want to go overboard since it's been quite a while. Now I've got a feel for my limits again and I can use quite a bit more. It's more clear-headed than I remember the last kava I used being.

75 minutes in the peak is wearing off quickly. This is normal for me for all kava to the best of my recollection, so if it sounds short to you don't worry, that's just how kava goes for me.

80 minutes, feeling more tired than anything at this point. Still got a buzz going for sure but nothing strong, though like I said it wasn't a particularly big dose to start with.

At 100 minutes I was still feeling good and laid down to pass out in my bed.


Kava Curious
I was a little groggy when I woke up from my nap at a little over 3 hours after ingestion, but that went away pretty quickly.


Kava Curious
The more I use this the more it confirms my first impressions. Pretty heavy, and I want to say it doesn't quite melt anxiety heavily (it does, a little) as much as it makes me more talkative and sociable. It's a slow ramp up for me usually, I usually think it's not doing much for 15-30 minutes but it slowly builds and I often suddenly realize how strongly it hit. Also falling back in love with my aluball. I feel like it gets almost the same extraction level as hand kneading and is of course much simpler and less messy.