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Maui Medical Herb - kava caps?

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So far I'm VERY impressed w/ Maui Medicinal's kava caps. As I said (3) caps w/ definitely get you as krunked or more than 2 possibly 3 big shells of strong strained root.


Thanks very much @KeepOnKrunkin' (y)
Can you tell me please if they are solid with binders or caps that could be opened and the dose adjusted?

This could very well be something that recovering GABA "addicts" could fine tune either way.

I have re-arranged my Benzo dose times to better suit the next onslaught of withdrawal steps, as @15mg/day now from 20(originally 120mg/day 7 odd years ago) that was spaced 12 hours apart now changed to 3 doses 8 hours apart. I did this to better facilitate the blood plasma levels to stay safe and "sane", also I have a Partner and a 4 year old Daughter to consider.
I have also dropped the %Alc and intake at night and woke after 2.5 hours sleep with the "horrors" in a pool of cold sweat running down my face,chest and back 2.5hrs ago.
I'm on day 4 of this change and expected it, considering the combined half-live's of each. I'm no stranger to this painful but necessary process.
Basically atm I'm looking for something I can tailor dose wise, that safely effects the same receptors(without interfering too much with uptake of the poisons) rather than be up pacing around and sipping on home brew just to get through.....something I can sit up in bed,take and ease back intto sleep with. It also hopefully through trial and error goes into the medicine bag so I can continue to help others not suffer as much as I have ('though pain is a great teacher).

I'm finding this all very promising and can see the potential in safe positive GABA regulation via Awa and the Chemotypes. The fact Awa is unique in the Reverse Tolerance aspect certainly makes it stand out compared to other addictive GABA modulators that eventually require more for the same "result".

Cheers mate,


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I just bought (4) more bottles of Maui Medicinal's Kava capsules. The tudei I bought tastes worse than mud which I've involuntarily had a few mouthfuls of. Nice, subtle & long lasting. Maui M. is legit stuff IMO.


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What other countries are on the kava banned countries list? The only other major countries which have very unclear laws about whether or not kava is banned, controlled, illegal, or otherwise, are Britain (United Kingdom) and France. A few European countries have kava sale bans similar to the one in Canada, while other countries restrict the form in which kava can be sold. For instance, kava extract and supplements containing synthetic kavalactones cannot be sold in many EU member countries. However, customers living in European countries may be able to import kava for personal use; the rules differ by country, so we recommend you check with your country's Customs department.

Poland was the only European country we could find where kava was unequivocally banned. It is illegal to possess, sell, or cultivate kava in Poland. Norway and Sweden seem to consider kava a prescription medication, but they seem to consider anything that is herbal and has no specific law attached to it a prescription medication. Germany banned kava in August of 2002, but they have since lifted the ban due to overwhelming evidence that their initial findings stating that it was unsafe were in error.

Full story is HERE.

Then there's Australia. We have had so many problems with importing things into Australia that we have added it to the kava banned countries list. According to officials in Australia, kava isn't illegal; it's simply regulated so they can track how much kava is coming into the country. Reportedly, one needs a license to import any of our products in Australia, but supposedly, it's simple for an individual to apply for and receive one. We don't have any specific information regarding such things because we have never applied for a license ourselves.

Australian Customs also allows individuals to bring up to 2 kilograms (about 4.5 pounds) of kava into the country, provided it is intended only for personal use. People importing a personal supply of kava into Australia must be at least 18 years of age, and cannot ship kava into the country separate from their luggage


@KeepOnKrunkin' here's where it's hard for the average Joe downunder:
Commercial import of kava
You must hold a licence and a permit issued by the Drug Control Section of the TGA before you can import:

  • TGA approved therapeutic goods that contain kava
  • kava raw material:
    • to manufacture approved therapeutic products
    • for scientific purposes
    Note: You will be required to substantiate the approval status and/or use of the imported material, and any permit may be subject to conditions relating to the custody or use of the substances."

Please note

Permits are for commercial importers only, and cannot be granted to individuals for personal or cultural purposes.

If you want to access medications for personal use that are prohibited imports, you should first consult your doctor."


And Customs state:
Permits will only be issued for scientific and medical purposes.

To import kava you must obtain the following information from the Therapeutic Goods Administration:

  • Licence to Import Controlled Substances, and
  • Import permit for each consignment of kava.

You must present the original copy of the import permit for each consignment to Customs and Border Protection when the goods arrive in Australia. "


So far as personal import for personal use goes, OZ is stuffed.

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Anybody have any success with getting Hawaiian kave delivered to Canada?
Gourmet Hawaiian Kava ships to Canada, and I believe it's no problem at all. Maybe takes a bit longer but I haven't heard of someone ordering from GHK while shipping to Canada that had issues of non-delivery.


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Thanks guys, I just ordered, lets see what happens... I have ordered from kava.com in the past without any issues.
Can't wait to try this noble kava!!!

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