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Hawaiian instant kava is not like medium grind kava where you have to strain all the fibers out with a strainer. This is non micronized dehydrated Kava juice. All you need to do is add to water. No kneading or straining, just mix and drink. This instant kava mixes well and almost instantly with water. This is the highest quality and freshest, instant kava on the market. It just takes a little bit to make a good cup of kava.
Also make no mistake, this is not "Micronized" or "Micronized Instant". This is a true instant kava that is made from dehydrated kava juice. If you were to make a batch of fresh (un-dried) kava to drink, if you dehydrated that drink you would have the instant kava powder I sell. Made from Fresh Hawaiian 'Awa root just without the water. Hawaiian Instant 'Awa Powder, "Just Add Water".
Mix 1 teaspoon per cup of water, drink 1-2 cups of the kava drink. Make sure you drink on an empty stomach.
Very easy and simple, great for people who can't or don't have time to make kava using the medium grind.