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Powdered Kava Review Mood and Mind - Tongan


Kava Enthusiast
Expected very little from this kava, but decided to give it a shot as a cheap bulk kava. Glad I did! Not particularly powerful stuff, but rather pleasant, devoid of unpleasant taste and effect, and nicely uplifting and calming, happy even. I chugged the whole bowl rather quickly, and was left feeling quite at peace. Very relaxing, and not very much body, but enough to ease my tense muscles and mind after a long day of work. I even got little bouts of tinnitus (ear ringing) sporadically, which to me means the kava is massaging my brain rather nicely. I don't believe this would happen were one to drink much slower, but for the price of this kava, I'm very pleased with my first trial with this. Excellent alone, and I'm sure even better as a "filler".