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Most effective of these light & 'affordable' strains: ?


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After spending a few months with a really heavy strain that was pretty rough on my stomach, I really need to get another light one. I know this can be subjective and my body chemistry seems to be naturally tolerant or insensitive to Kavain. The Kavain 'buzz' seems to almost entirely blow right past me. But it still offers me a nice little amount of pleasant relaxation from my experience with a few hawaiian strains and tongan pride.
So my question is ---Which one of these lighter strains still offers the most bang for the buck:
-Tongan pride
-Melo Melo
-??? am i forgetting one in the 30$ lbs range ?


Well, I must say that so far Melo Melo is really incredible. It was light and mild for me, in a great way, and I am sensitive to kavain. I even had some of BKHs Fijian Waka which is not like the Fijian you've been having (it's not heavy, more heady). I found it to be pretty mild in all regards as well. I think it's only a couple bucks more than Melo Melo, Borogu, etc.

I actually didn't get a super uplifting heady feeling from it, probably because I was really tired yesterday when I tried it. That being said, it's definitely still a mild strain, and heady at that so sounds like it would be a good one for you to try.


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I'm in love with Melo melo. I prefer it to BKH's Fiji Waka, which is also a couple bucks more expensive.

I bet you will be pleasantly surprised. While it is mild in terms of body load (almost nonexistent), being a Vanuatu kava I bet it's got a little more 'kick' to it than the Tongan & Hawaiian kavas you've tried.


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Thanks guys. It's lookin' pretty clear...i'll probably be going with Melo Melo. Looking forward to trying to trying something new. :)


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Melo Melo grew on me. Once I upped the amount I used it became my go-to. Tongan Pride is probably the one I would choose from that list though.

(I've had all but Borogu)


I love that within a few weeks, Melo Melo has become mentioned more the entire time at Yuku (excluding Judd saying "guys, trust me it's my favorite for a reason") :p

Had some yesterday and it really is growing on me. I think that I just need to increase the amount though which really isn't a problem at all seeing how inexpensive it is.

For being a 426xxx (Kavain, DHK, Methysticin), it sure doesn't feel like it. Then again, Judd speculated that Nambawan was a 426xxx or 246xxx and that has very little in the energizing effects that kavain can give me (or maybe it's all in the past now). While there are little body effects with both strains, the effects are still pretty much what I want out of a kava; relaxation without loss of mental clarity. Another amazing thing with both of these is that even though they aren't heavy per-se, they do last longer and have a nicer sedative effect towards bed-time than more 'pure' kavain strains that end up lasting a short time and leaving me feeling all edgy after 2 hrs.