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Powdered Kava Review Old Roots Waka


Kava Enthusiast
I love the heavy fiji'an wakas!
1.5 tbsp x 2 aluballs in 700 ml warmish water. Couple of shells up front with additional shells every 10-15 min. Second wash in 600 ml water, drank more quickly.

This is a kava that will sneak up on you. If at first you don't feel too much don't keep chugging. However, if you are looking for something to floor you check out their vanuatu- it's more potent. This old roots waka is balanced and heavy with some great muscle relaxation and anti-anxiety effects.

Personally, I love the heavier fiji'an wakas- there is just something special about them that remind me of a good indica. Floaty feelings in the body with a calm mind- pure bliss.

This is a nice kava, especially to add in a session to give it more depth and complexity.