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Powdered Kava Review 'Ono


Kava Enthusiast
ERMG I haven't reviewed a product for ages! so here goes!
I just got half pound yesterday. It was about 90F or 33-40C for our EU friends on the forums. Either way reeely hot.
A quick tip of the hat to cactus for it somehow getting to my mailbox reely quickly, and they included a nice strainer, and that's really great as well.

I had started a thread just on some intial knee jerk reactionary stuff after I had some to kind of get my thoughts on the feel out their on to the forums whilst they were fresh. However this might help others find and see if they'd like to try it as well

This is a really weird yet nice one in it's own way. I tried for me a much weaker smaller amount from advice on several just bad experiences. So others may want to tweak or make it a little weeker or stronger to taste. I have had several just bad experiences with kind of gentle cheery yet slightly mellow kinds So far Ono is being just a just nice one thought it's also a quirky one as well. I have been enjoying an enormous amount of Kalm with Kava's Pouni Ono. (not relation that I know of)
So first thing that hit me in really good way was that it smelled just good. Kind of like a spice shop smell.

Taste: Tasted pretty good. It tasted like my Pouni Ono
On to the effects!
It kind of reminds me of a simillar feel I might have just chilling on the weekend or friday after the gym (and zumba!) on gym days. If that makes sense.

I think the first thing that struck me when I tried some yesterday while going for a nice mid-afternoon stroll. I've been getting a ton of skills up to speed, and backing up my computer and phone as they both are showing signs of needing TLC. Plus just a good idea anyway.

Whilst enjoying the midafternoon weather, I was struck by how much better of a place I was getting to, kind of a casual yet cheerful place, their was also a bit of a kind of a feel that I could nap or stay alert if I needed or wanted to. A entirely new to me feel me.
It's got a much gentler and cleaner feel than the mellow ones i've had so far.

It starts Kind of like: I could nap if need to. But then that fades a bit to a just mellow yet cheerful feel. I don't know how much was the heet but I was able to easily nap and wake up feeling pretty good and refreshed. In a reely good place to finish off that days part of a phone back up, wile enjoying some Red Dwarf (og brit com)

I also had a ringing in the ears after cup 2 and at cup 3 the soft focus and music, TV and AbadonWare Retrogames were reely fun. It's a weird one because on one hand it thinks you should sleep, then I got a just allert yet chill thing going.

Next day: (today) Woke feeling kind of foggy and a little off, and gasy. That seems to be wearing off. Have a bit of a glow thing going to. Those seem to fading a little. A bit of ginger ale seems to be helping the gas and fog.


Kava Curious
Hey Gork, I'm curious what your favorite-potent Kava is. I just dabbled in a bit of Ono 50 min ago. Made 4 tbs with warm water in blender. It is first time that I remember not finishing my Kava. Little less that 1/2 still waiting for me and I'm flying.
I've been dabbling in some good kava lately. Last 3 days it's been weaker stuff,but still.


Kava Curious
Believe I just ordered a half a pound of their Ono as well. It is already in transit, surprisingly they sent it to the distribution center within hours of my order, and the center sent it quickly as well. Have only ever had CWK, so excited to try a new vendor.