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Papa Kea Pics


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Is the Papa Kea less heavy than the Mahakea? That one can be a bit on the heavy end for me, but I find that a 3:1 mix of Mo'i and Mahakea is excellent.


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Thanks for the picture. My wife and I have been enjoying the new batch of Papa Kea. Usually, we register very similar effects. With this kava, however, I feel much more than she does. Very peaceful, body-relaxing, overall very potent.

Nice Papa Kea pics. I thought you might like to see a picture of the actual Papa Kea kava plant, so here it is. Enjoy.
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Kojo Douglas

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Drinking some of this right now. It has a nice peppery taste and milky texture. After three shells a full body glow and a whole body numbing effect. Fantastic and very unique Kava. I'm glad I have a full pound!


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we can't wait for our first GHK order to arrive! last weekend we bought a pound of Papa Kea and Mahakea (and the book!lol) and noticed today GHK is sold out. Everyone sounds real happy with it, looking forward to as well.

Gonna have to keep a closer eye on availability with all vendors as supply sure seems to be moving fast everywhere (in US anyways) and the cupboard local is emptying quick :/

edit to correct: an email was waiting for me sent couple hours ago, thanks for the good news update Chris!
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packages received! (yesterday, but waited for late morning initial Papa Kea ceremony as we had a Pouni Ono and mongrel grog game day already begun when it arrived!)

I loved prep very creamy texture in hands and on tongue, delicious and we both noted fresh and peppery taste along with a good numbing. had a high tide each an hour before going for groceries, real good relax and headspace to be in whole time which helped reduce tension. Will rely on this one for a few days get to see how my body and brain get along with it, but at 5 hours after, i'm already a fan.

ps. wonderful book too, is there any updating with new infos gleaned over the years since pub, Chris? :D