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Powdered Kava Review Pouni Ono


{"Grade":9,"Potency":10,"Mind":10,"Body":4,"Anxiety":9,"Sedative":6,"Taste":"0","Preparation":"1 Aluball with one heaping tbsp, shaken for 3 ish minutes in tap hot water","Duration":"","SideEffects":"","Headline":"Head empty, no thoughts"}
This kava is easily my favorite kava. I'm not a huge fan of the flavor as I prefer kavas with a more rich nutty profile like borongoru, but I know borongoru is infamous for tasting too strong so I might just have a different sense of taste or something. Regardless, it is a very thin, light colored, mild tasting kava. Much more peppery tasting than most kavas I have tried with almost no bitterness. If I brew it tap-hot like I tend to it will sting your mouth a bit and make it difficult to swallow, but I personally enjoy that. It also gave me gas as an added side effect.
The effects are what take the cake, though. usually I feel it immediately with a mild spaceyness, relaxation, and a muscular relaxation/weakness with added warmth and tinglyness. After about 10 or 15 minutes it usually starts to really kick in. At this point I get a solid krunk going where I have difficult focusing my eyes, I feel intensely spaced out and it becomes hard to focus or put effort into much of anything. I get a mild head rushing sensation and strong desire to talk with others. It is super euphoric as well. Almost feels like somebody put my head in a paint shaker and drained my brain out. I tend to drink this while watching tv, usually after about 20 mins I won't be paying attention to what is going on anymore and no thoughts will be in my head. These effects keep peak intensity for 20-30 minutes and go away usually around the T+1 hr to the T+1.5 hr mark, it becomes very subtle after that. Very enjoyable, will be buying again.

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