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Powdered Kava Review Pure Kava- premium waka mix (black bag)


Kava Curious
{"Grade":8,"Potency":8,"Mind":6,"Body":8,"Anxiety":10,"Sedative":10,"Taste":"10","Preparation":"Traditional prep 40g","Duration":"2-3","SideEffects":"sleepy","Headline":" best tasting Kava!"}
So all i see on this site in regards to this company is the hubub around their 'island dope' claiming 26% KL. Im not going to touch that debate and instead focus on what I think is their best offering, the "premium waka mix" which comes in the black bag. This is a lovely kava. As far as effects go, it is relatively potent, and definitely on the heavy side. Great for before bed or evening use for me. While it's effects are on par with other quality, heavy leaning Fijian wakas, it's taste is what truly stands out. It has a nutty, almost chocolatey flavor ive never seen and is quite pleasant to drink. Decent numbing effects and really fine grind (not micronized though). I think this company is worth trying if you are looking for a less known vendor to sample, and I'd put this selection at the top of their offerings (i have tried all of them). Great service and fast shipping, plus their strainer bags are great (they threw in a free one in a larger order). Other notables from them are their Tongan and Vanuatu, both on the headier side.