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Reverse Tolerance


I'm new to Kava and have been doing quite a bit of reading thus far. I'm aware of the reverse tolerance preseent with Kava but wondering what a good strategy to "break though" might be. (And also to hear about your experience with this)

About 12 days ago I purchased the GAIA pills and then after reading a bit more purchased the extract from Paradise and finally the Fire Isalnd instant from Nakamal. My experiences have ranged from no effects to a miidly relaxed state to some nausea and tiredness. Certainly not the experience many of you have related after some patience and effort with this plant. My interest is some relief from anxiety in the workplace (which can ramp up nicely given the right circumstances) to an alternative to alcohol after exercise in the evenings.

My thought is that after dosing pretty much every day the last twelve days that I might be closer to a breakthrough. I'm willing to stay the course as along as it takes as I don't see a major downside and the effects are what I'm looking for. I plan to drink 2-3 8oz servings of the instant over the next few weeks. Last night after I got my instant I mixed approx a tablespoon of powder to 80z of cold water. Taste is fine, mouth and throat got slightly numb and I felt some effects but again not what I have read about thus far from those of you active on this board. Is my plan sound? Should I just keep pushing through?



The Kaptain (40g)
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Good plan. Up your dosages and frequency and you'll be right there with the rest of us. It's about getting those kavalactone in your system to a high level. Put 3 or so tablespoons of fire island in 12 oz of water and drink up!
Mix one to two tsp to 4oz liquid ( put one to two tsp instant Fire Island Kava in a bowl and add the 4oz liquid very slowly as you stir to make a paste first and then add the rest of the liquid) Say "BULA" (means cheers in Fiji Islands) and drink !!!


The Kaptain (40g)
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Hey, are you jeffrey the fijian from Nakamal @ Home? If so thanks for coming in and contributing!....if not....Thanks for coming in and contributing, :)


Kava Curious
Hi rpeabody,

Fire Island's effects are more noticeable (to me) when I'm interacting with other people. It's not the sort of kava that knocks you out, but when I'm hanging out with other folks, I definitely feel much more relaxed than I would otherwise.

Another thing I recommend is: just enjoy your kava. Kava isn't some intellectual chore that you have to work at, or some esoteric state of mind that you either "get" or you don't. Think of it like tea, where the act of drinking (e.g. tea-time for British or the tea ritual of Japanese) is as rewarding as any caffeine buzz obtained. Find a type of kava that you enjoy taking, and just have fun with it. With the wide choice of extracts, candies, drinks, and pills, that's much easier today than it's been in the past! See how the effects differ based on what you've eaten/drunk recently during and after, the time of day, who you're around and what you're doing, etc. That's how you're most likely to find a combination that works for you.

There's no need to be stressed about taking kava!