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Solomens Nambawan.

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Ok, just to brief on this, it's been about 4-8 months since I've had kava.
First off I'm not going to say this kava is a great kava for me but is still good kava.
That may be great for someone else, the reasons why:
First thing I noticed was almost creamy color of the brew, one of the lighter kava's I have had in terms of color. So I drank the first shell, first thing to be noticed is a slight numbness around the gums and lip, the numbing didn't last too long with this one.
So as I sit somewhat feeling a slight head change, I put on some music and couldn't help but notice 20 minutes has passed since the first shell so , I prepared 2 more just in case I got too caught up in the music
before I took the second shell, I noticed a wave of euphoric bliss creep up on me. So I decided to take the second shell,
the euphoria intensifies, and my face gets giddy,and slowly my muscles start feeling like jello.
So I decided ok I'll get the 3rd shell down maybe nap before I have to work.
Took the third shell down...
My gag reflex is back and I ended up covering the floor with kava and stomach acid.
As I cleaned up the mess, my mind was wide awake, like a cerebral sense. The feeling of both muscle jello and mental energy stuck with me until 2 am, so it's feels lasted a good 10 hours till it was fully gone.
Personally would recommend this kava to people who do a lot of sitting at work T.T sadly my job involves lifting etc, or for gamers/people glued to the computer(literally will be if you manage a fourth shell)
overall it also delivers a great sense of well being.
Definitely won't be my go to kava. I suggest this one for nights only, on some lazier tasks, or anything that involves the mind.
So with that being said
8.9/10 is what I will rate this kava
I feel the mental energy conflicts with the muscle related portion which brought me to the rating.
Not open for further replies.