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Squanch is moving in the night.


Kava Enthusiast
My Kava is traveling towards me in the night.
Feeling better already
Kava today, please
please please please
pleading for some root in a virus ravaged town
bust me down proper with that waka

I want the smell, I want the comfortable ritual
The acceptance.
I want to dedicate shells to whom and what I love.


Kava Enthusiast
Thank you kastom_lif!

Once my Kava hit local USPS distributors, the tracking history shows that they wasted no time, in fact, it shows they are hurrying to complete the deliveries. 165 miles in 4 hours, two hours at the station, departed and heading to my house or post office by today. If the post holds it for a day I'd be surprised. I'll be back when the sun rises holding some Kava in my hand!

I appreciate your words, friend. Bula!

I'll call you some time in the next couple weeks.


Kava Enthusiast
Squanch is delivered. Water is hot. Have two friends to drop a jar off to. They are excited!
another friend in a few days.