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Powdered Kava Review Squanch Kava - Fiji Lawena


Chillin @ 40g
I am really impressed with this kava from Squanch, it is creamy and light, no bitterness at all and real easy on the stomach. I had 400ml of water with 3 tbs in the AluBall, with 3 washes 30-40 minutes apart. I felt that tingly sensation within 10 minutes of drinking the first wash followed by waves of euphoria and a pleasant sense of calm. 20 minutes later I found myself starring out the window with a big grin on my face, feeling mellower and much less anxious then usual. This kava has great anti anxiety properties with a familiar but not too strong heady rush.
After throwing back the second wash, I got an instant head rush. As I sit here and write this all I can think about is how light and happy I feel right now. I highly recommend this kava to anyone looking for a mild but powerful kava. I think this might become my new morning kava.
EDIT: As many have mentioned, the customer service is phenomenal, Joe answers all questions promptly and shipping is lightning fast.

UPDATE 2017, this is my daily grog, it's potent enough for 3 washes. Great heady bomb. Almost overnight shipping, great vendor.
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Kava Lover
Ive got a lb of this that arrived today i hope its tops. Im sure squanch will not disappoint usually only buy half lbs so fingers crossed it will be a good daily pick. I will review it soon