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The Story of an Elusive Squanch

One day a highly stressed and ridden with anxiety Squanch crawled out of his den from somewhere in Tidewater Virginia. A fellow Squanch from a few caves over noticed how haggard and stressed Squanch looked. The neighbor Squanch grabbed a coconut shell and filled it with some Kava and handed it to his old buddy Squanch. The neighbor Squanch said drink good root, it will make Squanch feel better, make Squanch feel happy, make Squanch sleep good. Squanch did just that and the two Squanch spend that day drinking more shells while smiling the day away enjoying each others company. Squanch had idea, maybe if Squanch teach those busy shaved apes (humans) about Kava they will learn to relax and stop chasing poor Squanch all around taking shaky pictures of Squanch.
May the mythical and elusive Squanch sneak up and share a shell with you...
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@Squanch72 I just ordered a kilo of your waka from your web site. Looking forward to trying it.

I just wanted to point out some minor errors on the site. In the drop down that selects the quantity, for "1 lb" it says "add $13". That's a bit confusing, since that is not the price of 1 lb, but the shipping cost. For "2 lb" it says "add $45". I have no idea what that number is because that is not the cost of 2 lb, and not the shipping cost. The 1/2 lb entry does not have anything. If you could just put the actual prices there that would be better.


I'm interested in things
Shippiong is added at checkout, that's the way I set it up, I could add there and make it free shipping, I thought this way was more straight forward.
Yes, but shipping for 2 lbs is not $45 (and not $13 for 1 lb)


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Looks good.
Yeah my attention to detail is kind of annoying sometimes. I'm real fun at parties... ::awesomesmiles::
Just curious.... Did you order from his website embedded here or did you go directly to his site? Just wondering if the embedding is helpful or not.