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Powdered Kava Review Tavueni Island Qila Leka


Kava Curious
{"Grade":9,"Potency":8,"Mind":6,"Body":8,"Anxiety":10,"Sedative":8,"Taste":"3","Preparation":"Traditional prep 44g in 24 oz warm water","Duration":"","SideEffects":"","Headline":""}
This is by far my favorite from AoK i have tried. It is a really nice heavy kava with great anxiety relief and pretty good help for insomnia. It has a decent head buzz that transitions to a nice heavy body high and that calm sleepy state I love. Good stuff for evenings, and will order again. Customer service was great.


Jacksonville, FL
Kava Vendor
So glad you liked this one! It's taken some time to find a really nice qila leka single cultivar in Fiji. Bula, Vinaka!

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This kava looks like a perfect replacement for Koro Island, my favorite kava! It helps me a lot with my PTSD, is anxiolytic, calming and mood stabilizing. I really wish a European supplier would offer this variety in the future!