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The cheap chief of mobile Kava making


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I just thought I have to share this.

May I introduce the "Cheap kava chief"?


This thing was less than 20€ and has battery in it (I guess 2x 18650 3,7V batteries).

I never had an aluball because I couldn't get it or it was way too expensive shipped to europe.

I almost never knead kava. So I used the "shaking" method in a huge glas if I don't have a blender around or it was too late for my room mate or neighbors using my loud high power blender at nights...

It was always a pain in the....

Especially when you are not at home and you want to be flexible! Perfeto!

OK this thing is way more effective than shaking. They say 150watts.... I don't know.

It is at least in between shaking method and strong blender, strengths wise, and depends on how long you mix. It has 6 blades which is great.

I am absolutely satisfied!
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OK I guess I should give you a more detailed review, because I think, this can be very interesting for some of you!

I don't get any money for my review, as well as I don't get any kava for detailed kava reviews (sadly ^^). I am joking, this is a 20$ product, production cost perhaps... 6$?!

So what I can say until now, using it for about 10 kava sessions:

- Noise: It is a bit loud but not comparable in any way to a strong kitchen blender, especially those high power blenders. At nights no problem (at my place). If you are paranoid, f.e. you don't want your room mate to know "this guy is drinking again" - put it in a cabinet while it is running - after that in your flat when your door is closed no one will hear this thing! I have a 20x20x20" wooden box I put it in at nights (am I paranoid.... indeed I don't want my room mate to know every time I drink :LOL:)

- Power: Like I wrote it is way stronger than shaking method (putting a closed strainer bag in a huge glas bottle and shake and shake... and shake.... and shake). I like to use warm to hot water sometimes, and this way the kava made with this blender is almost as strong as the huge blender on highest setting.

- What can this thing handle? Frozen fruits? I don't know I bought this for kava! But I made the mistake once, to put frozen kava into the blender with hot water. I forgot that this is a small cheap thing and I don't want to destroy it. So it blended for about 30 seconds and in between I realized "oh.... I am curious if it will make it to survive on the one hand, and if it will make it to chop the kava-ice-balls....". So I did 2x30seconds runs with kava-ice-balls and after 60 seconds they have not been chopped yet. But even the high power blender doesn't chop 3-4 inch kava-ice-balls super well. The machine survived, I wouldn't do it again, just because I am aware this thing is cheap, it has only 7,4v and 150w (they say... lets say 80-100 watts).

Kava, at least when it isn't frozen, is easy to handle. I will use the machine only for kava and I hope it will last a while!

- Functions: Only one function: Power on, it is mixing for 25 seconds +/- and stops automatic. You can stop it, and so you can pulse manually if you want but this is a bit of stress - because for starting mixing you have to push the button two times. For stopping one time. So for pulsing you would have to push like: 2x - 1x - 2x - 1x....
If it isn't mixing and you push the button one time, you see the battery state, how much power is left.

- Impression of the quality: For the price this thing is great. The small 6-blades look really good, the mixer is strong if you think about this thing has only 2 batteries (or a 7,4V small battery pack). Even my huge Kava-ice-balls for 60 seconds didn't destroy this little hero! I guess small frozen fruits, you could blend with this thing...

They say their motor is long lasting and made huge promises in their offer (who believes this for 20$?).... my impression is, honestly, when I hear this motor, I am going to deal carefully with this thing. If it gets broke, so be it. It has done its job. The sound didn't change until now, which is a good sign (the sound of the motor). Must sound stupid, but while those 10 sessions, we speak about 2 washes, partially long sessions with several kava servings ....

- How long did I mix? Well I do it right, and that means I mix about 3-5 minutes straight. This thing is thought to mix for 25 seconds +/-. Perhaps it is the only function/setting you can chose, because the motor can't survive long mixing for minutes... who knows! It has to cool down perhaps... I don't know. But when the 25 seconds have been over, I started it right away, and this thing is still living. So 10 sessions with several "washes" 4 minutes +/- each... this thing still works :)

- Exchangeable batteries? Like the god damn smartphones, and almost all products out there, no - you "can't" change the battery. Sometimes I have those wet dreams, but they mostly don't come true. But I can... I have no problem open that thing, use screwdriver and replace the batteries, even if I would have to solder- no problem!

I am thinking about changing the batteries even though it isn't needed yet, because I am sure, they used cheapest batteries which won't last long and you have to recharge sooner!

So next points:

- How often do you have to recharge, how long does it last?

Hard to say, I would say after 2 washes with 4 minutes each, you already have to recharge! But think about 2 small batteries in a small blender, they make a good strong kava! And those 150w could also be realistic when you do the math! I would say about 80-100 watts.

Ah one of the most important questions: How much water can you put in?

18oz / about 530ml of Water! This is the given max but you have space for some ml more. So 550ml is possible! Which is a perfect size for a mobile "kava maker".

One hour ago, I came from chilling in nature at a lake. And I had it with me and all my kava stuff in my backpack. I mixed at the lake and it was a nice feeling. It isn't as loud so that people that could be around would tell you - you disturb nature there... but I was alone anyway. Putting it in the backpack while mixing can make it a bit more silent, but of course not as much as using it in a cabinet or wooden box.

And the last thing: How long does it need to charge? I never looked at the watch, but it takes 2-3 hours to be fully loaded from empty to full. So while I do sessions, I always connect it when I am at home - so if I want to do more and more kava, this thing has enough power. But 2 washes outside, isn't so bad isn't it?

Solution?! Powerbank ;-)

Actually I am not using my huge blender anymore since I have this thing. Exception: Frozen kava I want to use immediately and can't wait until the hot water has dissolved the kava-ice-blocks.

Have a nice saturday night!


PS: A warning: There are some battery blenders, that have very bad reviews! They aren't all the same! It seems this thing is one of a few that is OK!

Edit: Important: The manual says, after 3 minutes, let it cool down a bit, otherwise the motor could have a shorter lifespan.
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I used this thing at least for 100 sessions/ 20-30gr washes meanwhile. Still working fine. Even the batteries are still OK. 2x5 min blending still possible without recharging in between. Love I bought this thing.

I am planning on upgrading the batteries soon myself. I am curious if it will last for 3x5 minutes then. Perhaps you can even replace the motor for a better one. Somehow I have the feeling there is some motor for some RC-Cars in there.


I'd suggest that you try vigorously agitating kava in a strainer bag and see what you think of the resultant drink.

Really work it for a good ten minutes.


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I can get a really nice thick grog (like paint) by just putting kava in a strainer bag inside a thermos or shaker bottle and shake weight that puppy until I get a happy ending. No kneading required. Easiest travel method - so easy I have defaulted to this method many times at home as well. It is really just like the aluball but with a bag. If so desired you can squish the bag with a long handled spoon to get some kneading but not really necessary.


I can get a really nice thick grog (like paint) by just putting kava in a strainer bag inside a thermos or shaker bottle

No kneading required. Easiest travel method - so easy I have defaulted to this method many times at home as well.

It is really just like the aluball but with a bag. If so desired you can squish the bag with a long handled spoon to get some kneading but not really necessary.
Hmm, I've been meaning to try this method but I've put it off for some reason... I think I'm finally going to give it a shot! Shaken with sufficient force, I agree, you shouldn't need any more agitation in the form of kneading.

Truly, this method is far superior to the AluBall because you can choose material of a finer micrometer mesh size, you don't have any of the mesh occluded by gimmicky plastic, and you of course have the size of a strainer bag on your side... no need for cleaning multiple AluBalls, naw! And you get freer agitation in general.

A half-gallon or gallon-sized vessel (e.g., a Mason jar) will allow you to scale-up your batch size very easily, too.
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