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This Week's Harvest! 4/20/21


Kava Enthusiast
Hiwa sounds amazing. If you are still in stock next week when I have cash, I'd love to grab a kilo or two of that from you. It is a fantastic cultivar for me. Tell me about Akau Huli please. I have not heard about it before.

all your harvest offerings sound great, I'm just looking at Hiwa as an all time favorite of mine. Fresh frozen Mo'i sounds very interesting, and I don't think I've tried Papa Ele'ele, though I read very good things about it. I have tried your fresh frozen Nene and Pana'ewa, as well as Hanakapi'ai, Hiwa, Isa, and Opihikao, all very fresh and tasty roots.


Kava enthusiast
Hey, I noticed that the 5 half pound bags are sold out, will they be coming back soon? I'm wanting to buy some but 11lbs might be a bit much for me right now based on my current consumption rate.