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Powdered Kava Review Tongan Choice Kava


Kava Lover
i like tongan kava. All the tongan kava ive had thus far has been very light in color and flavor. This one is light in flavor for sure, but makes a surprisingly dark grog. This is a good kava for focus and mood but i wouldnt recommend it to help with anxiety. That said, I have an anxiety disorder and It doesnt really rub me the wrong way or anything. But if heady kavas give you anxiety then steer clear. I notice a distinct body euphoric feeling in my limbs and head so i gave it a 3 for body effects due to this physical sensation but its totally different from that deep muscle relaxing heavy feeling of some kava. This kava is euphoric and good for mood and focus but doesnt help with sleep, anxiety, or pain relief in my experience. I would probably pick this one for weekend adventures or for work when focus or motivation is key. This kava will keep your head clear so it is likely to help with depression unlike some numbing kavas. Definitely goes in my list of acceptable daytime kavas that wont interfere with my cognition or productivity. I like it a lot!