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Powdered Kava Review Tongan


Kava Lover
{"Grade":6,"Potency":8,"Mind":8,"Body":6,"Anxiety":6,"Sedative":3,"Taste":"-3","Preparation":"Traditional ","Duration":"2-3 hrs","SideEffects":"N/a","Headline":" Tongan"}
I was quick to jump on this seeing it was another BKH Tongan, knowing that their Kula was possibly my favorite kava of all time, and that they have had other incredible and interesting Tongans over the years. This one isn’t bad if you’re looking for a Tongan thats a little stronger than some and more balanced. Taste is less mild and more funky than most Tongans. It’s kind of like if you mixed a tongan with a little Vanuatu in taste and effects. Certainly not bad kava, but for me it isn’t a standout in the ol’ “kava pantry” ::KavaChug::


Kava Curious
Definitely spot on from my experience. I enjoy a Tongan with some body to it. I drank for a few days, but haven’t reached for it in a week or so. Grind is a little coarser than I remember most BKH offerings.