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Using 2 aluballs question, it seems like it sucks up water, it never used to and I don't do anything different than I used to?


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@Kavafied sorry to at you, I just figure you're the expert. But I'm also willing to take any other input (looks like he hasn't been online since August 11th so I guess that won't lead to anything. Coincidentally was the last time I was taking medium grind regularly). Hope he's good. Inactive on Reddit, inactive on YouTube. So I guess I'll just ask the rest of you, whomever of you use AluBall.

Last year I bought a 2nd AluBall. My AluBall ended up not being washed for months after I last used it in August, I basically thought I was done with kava until I re-tried it and now I wanna take it again.

I used to put 20g in 2 balls, generally this is what most people on reddit would use. You can press it down well enough to fit and some kavas are denser than others. Anyway, for some reason, I'll put 300mL of water in, exactly what I'd do last year, and by the time I'm done with the first wash, there's only like 200mL of water left. What happened to it?

I did a 2nd wash at 250, it goes down to 200. I do a 3rd wash and nothing changes. I seem to recall a lot of the kava when I'd go to clean the AluBalls out being completely dry somehow which I thought meant I'd been using too much water, this was the case last Summer when I started taking it again, and again, nothing different than I'd been doing before. Water didn't just suddenly disappear, I mean I assume it's just getting absorbed into the AluBalls themselves. I did notice last summer that oftentimes, it'd look very watery and less sediment than usual. I'd get some effect but very little. I can see there is definitely sediment now and it's not like those times, halfway down a red solo cup and the sediment is clear as day.

What I really wonder is, what's up with this? What's absorbing the water? I saw you use 3 balls in a video, Kavafied, but with very little water. Should I use less water? Last year I was using 300mL and again it was fine, water wasn't disappearing as I shook it back and forth, then suddenly by Summer it was, and I wouldn't get sediment. These are new balls by the way if that makes any difference. My old AluBall hasn't been cleaned out since the 2nd week of August, I just had to buy new stuff. I'm sure even with hot water and bleach I'd still not be able to get what's probably a ton of mold out of there.

One thing I notice though is that the taste/texture doesn't really seem that much worse than 20g. It is Lewena though which I understand is quite mild tasting on its own compared to Vanuatu which is absolutely disgusting tasting but hits heavier. Sometimes it'd be heady, Lewena is always heady but the latest batch I got from FVK is less potent than the once I still had from last year. The Old Roots was also very heady and potent. From what I understand old root kava is more potent since aged kava is more potent?

Edit: did a 4th wash just to see what'd happen. Less water again! Wtf... this makes no sense. I think from now on I'll just use one ball or something, because I basically don't feel much different than if I'd taken 20g.

Unrelated but, is it just me or does kava sometimes give people restless legs? Not like, "real" restless legs but this odd rushing, heavy sensation in them.
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Ok this one I could've sworn was in the right place, I put it in new members forum like my other ones were moved but I guess since it's kavafieds product it makes sense here idk. I didn't even see that there was a forum just for him. Again hope he's good, just kind of vanished