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Kava Powdered Review Vanuatu Blend Number 7

Wahine Tiff

This was a very nice kava. The flavor was quite fresh, a little like wheat grass. It was a little bitter, but hey, it's kava. Super numbing. :whistle: I can't feel my face when I'm with you. But I love it!:whistle:

The potent effects crept up on me a bit. Drank one serving and felt very little so I didn't wait long to drink the second cup I prepared. About five minutes later, whoosh! The euphoria hit and I felt like I was floating. I was on a cloud for about two hours and just sat around listening to Phantogram and pretending to work. It was perfect for that.

No side effects to note. Slept well and woke up fresh.

Overall an excellent product. That's all I got! Thanks for reading!

Deleted User01

Woahhhh Horsey, first day on the Job and you post a kick ass review. Nice going Tiffy!