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Powdered Kava Review Vanuatu Kava Root Powder


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First of all I'd like to Thank my cousin-in-law Evan for the Kava root Christmas present. Thank yew!! ::happyshell::

This is the first time I've had any kava from kava Kauai and I'm very pleased with the root they are selling. I'm certainly happy with kava I've brewed from this root.

This bag had that peppery, earthy smell you'd expect from a kava from Vanuatu. This one was particularly earthy but less peppery. It tastes close to the way it smells with a lot of earthy flavors and some pine after taste. It's not an overpowering flavor but it isn't what I would called "easy to drink". For a newbie I think it might take a little perseverance to get past the flavor but no more so than any other kava provided they really want to give kava an honest try.

I spread out my review process over 4 days. I needed a break after the first two sessions:wacky:. The kava was pretty potent the first session, very relaxing. I got a pleasant heavy body experience and emptying of the mind. After about 4 months of no kava it was nice to feel that "shield effect" again. The second session it was even stronger...I mean :dead: ::nowayyyz::. I could have went another week or two without another session but well I'm suppose to review things right? (review maestro...get off ya butt cheekz! ::squeakyclean::) There was certainly some reverse tolerance going on here. The 3rd session I can feel my inner "notorious lightweight" ...uh...enduring. :woot:

Overall Kava Kaui's Vanuatu kava root is quite potent although it holds no surprises. You are getting an exceptional example of what you'd more or less expect from a standard Vanuautu kava. I would defiantly recommend it.(y)
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