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Powdered Kava Review Vanuatu


I purchased a pound of Fiji Vanua Kava Vanuatu. It arrived as expected via Amazon. Price seems decent given the convenience of Amazon. I haven't eaten in about 5 hours. My stomach is not exactly feeling perfect to tangle with a Vanuatu kava right now. Could be a disaster rock type situation. But, we're doing this thing.

Aroma, Color, and Prep:
The aroma of this kava is, as expected, very strong compared to the beautifully mild Tongan kavas I have been drinking most recently. Pretty green and strong. Hopefully that is a reflection of the effects. I triple balled this in the Aluball with 2 tbsp per ball (6 tbsp total). About a 2.5 minute shake. This stuff is very nice solid darkish brown. That's pretty exciting.

As expected given the aroma. Not terrible. But, it's definitely a Vanuatu kava. Actually, it goes down a lot easier than expected given the aroma and the beautiful dark brown color. Much darker than the creamy Tongan kavas I've been (mostly) drinking lately.

2:00 Very slight nausea is hitting me. That might be due to the very massive black coffee and espresso intake followed by urban moto commute in high summer heat earlier today.
8:00 Slight auditory effects are in the house. One ear is hearing a little differently than the other.
10:00 A wave of something is hitting my brain.
13:13 I am now at a different time-space coordinate. Welcome to Kavaville!
15:11 My brain is swimming. This was a good choice for a Friday night.
15:43 The relaxation is rolling over my shoulders and upper back. Did some turkish getups yesterday. So this feels great!
16:51 Noticing that my jaw is feeling very loose. Still feeling some nausea.
18:45 Just took a deep breath. Could really feel all the muscles in my upper torso.
21:29 When I close my eyes, I can almost feel a pulsating sensation. I wish I was in a quiet room right now so I could really appreciate all the effects in a calm environment.
23:28 Slight nausea is still there. Makes me wonder if I am a little too distanced from food or maybe it was the 8 tbsp of Tongan Kava I had the night before.
24:26 Nausea is definitely climbing. Starting to get concerned I might actually get sick. But, something tells me I'll make it. Honestly, it might be more related to all the black coffee/espresso and hot moto activity.
25:55 Nausea is receding slightly. Hopefully that means I am past some kind of peak in the nausea.
27:00 Noticing some sedation and probably some slowing of breathing.
33:00 Definitely some ongoing clenched jaw type nausea.
34:00 Emerging from the head effects a bit at this point. I feel like my brain is returning from Kavaville. Still very relaxed. But, no longer at a different time-space coordinate.
43:40 Normally I would go for the second wash at this point. But, the nausea makes me question the wisdom of embarking on that adventure. Upper body relaxation is still pretty high.
1:01:10 I'm going to go for another wash. We'll see if the stomach can handle it.
1:07:30 Second wash ahoy. Get in my brain and body little kavalactones. The taste is very piney this time. Might have been a mistake.
1:09:23 There's the familiar numbing of my mouth and throat. So far, my stomach is doing better than my mouth is with the taste.
1:13:50 Feeling some serious relaxation of the neck, shoulder, and lats. Stretching feels good.
1:15:55 Still some piney after-taste in my mouth. Didn't notice this so much on the first wash.
1:21:31 No big transportation to Kavaville this time. Just feeling some significant sedation and relaxation.

Okay, I'm going to wrap it up here. I've gotta get some food in me to see if that helps the Nausea.

Verdict: I went into this knowing my stomach was already predisposed to nausea from the day's activities. I can't really say how much was from the kava or from the things prior. But, the taste going down was quite palatable for a Vanuatu kava. Can't really complain much there. The effects were strong and my brain made the full trip to Kavaville on the first wash. Still feeling full relaxation. Hopefully a little food will fix the remaining nausea.



1:40:30 Ate some air fried chicken drumsticks dipped in a cream cheese and sriracha sauce (lots of fats) and...back to Kavaville! Bonus...the nausea is now completely gone!
1:46:31 Feeling great! Like I just drank several high quality single malts!
1:51 With every drumstick (dipped in the requisite cream cheese and sriracha) I seem to get more effect in my head. I've read about this. But, I'm a little surprised the effect is so strong. It's actually markedly stronger than on the first wash.
1:55:10 I just got wobbled when I stood up. Again, I've read about this. But, still surprising to experience first hand.
2:00:25 Still in Kavaville! Some nausea may be returning.
2:10:13 My brain is still at the separate space-time coordinate of Kavaville. The introduction of the fatty foods had an amazing effect. Completely changed the second wash.
2:17:48 Definitely still there. Just finished the last of the drumsticks and hot cream cheese sauce. My head is still swimming. But, people around me are saying they can't tell anything at all is going on with me. Zero detectable cognitive impairment...but all the head effects. Excellent!
2:23:29 Just got wobbled again when I stood up. So maybe that whole "zero detectable cognitive impairment" thing only applies to my speech right now. Just drank a full stein of water to get ahead of the dehydration 8 ball. Also took two electrolyte pills earlier tonight.
2:25:10 My head is still swimming...in a good way! Ingesting some heavy fats is definitely the way to optimize head effects on second wash. Maybe on first wash also. That will be something to experiment on in the future.
2:35:17 I can finally feel some signs of emerging (probably only 10-20%) from the head effects.
2:38:30 Definitely emerging. But, feels like it's happening fairly slowly which is good.
2:47:20 Still in Kavaville. Head is no longer swimming as much. But still largely there. The effect of the fats is amazing.

Wow! Good discovery on the validity of the oft reported introduction of heavy fats as an aid to kavalactone absorption. That definitely seemed to work tonight! I'm going to wrap it up here (probably for real this time). Still experiencing the head effects of this kava (with the fats). But, I'd say this has been well worth it for only 6 tablespoons of a $59/lb kava and two washes. I had several washes of about 6 and then another 4 tablespoons of Tongan kava last night (with little to no head effect surprisingly since I got good head effects when I consumed that kava previously). So that might have been a factor in the great head effects tonight if there is anything to the theories about "kavalactones building up in your body".
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Second try:

Drank a few triple alu ball washes of this kava again tonight. Got all the great effects without any nausea at all. So the nausea on the first night might have really been completely from the pre-condition of my stomach.


I'm now on my 3rd or 4th additional night where I've drank a triple ball dose and seen ZERO nausea. This is high dose/low volume strategy is definitely the way to avoid nausea (at least for me). I'm going to try the addition of heavy fats about a half hour after my 2nd wash again tonight to see if I can replicate the results from the prior night.