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Vaping Kava distillate?


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I've tried Noble Clouds and it was okay. The problem with anything inhaled is that it's poorly absorbed by the lungs. I read somewhere we only get about 30% efficacy and absortpion on things inhaled.

If the taste bothers you, try mixing it with fruit juices like pineapple, apple, Mango etc. Tropical flavors do a better job at masking the kava taste.


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do your research and don't Vape oils. That's where the vapeing community has run into problems of late. Some deaths and what nots,when you vape an oil you can get lipid pneumonia.


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Vaping any oils is something I would avoid. I vape (helped me quit smoking) and now my wife is giving me grief because of the news stories. Turns out most of those are from THC vapes with vitamin E oil in them. Not saying it will kill you, but I’d suck it up and try to acquire the taste of the drink or just chug it and chase it. I’m one of the weird one’s that somewhat enjoys the taste. Hell, no one ever started drinking alcohol because it tasted good :)


Kava Curious
Playing with fire IMO; just cos something is harmless when ingested, doesn't mean it would be the same when vaporized. A great example is the inclusion of Vitamin E in vape cartridges, which is harmless when ingested, but after being added to vape cartridges, has caused 40 deaths, and many more injured/requiring lung transplants https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/08/health/vaping-illness-cdc.html

I wouldn't use yourself as a guinea pig if you value your health.
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