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Powdered Kava Review Vula Waka


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{"Grade":7,"Potency":7,"Mind":5,"Body":7,"Anxiety":7,"Sedative":7,"Taste":"2","Preparation":"traditional preparation ","Duration":"many hours","SideEffects":"sometimes, lethargic next day ","Headline":""}
Hello everyone,

I have been taking Vula for several months, as part of self-medication for my PTSD.
Because this kava relieves my anxiety well.

The taste is quite light compared to the kavas of Vanuatu, much too peppered for me (I do not support pepper and spices).

The first few times I consumed this kava, it was really VERY sedative. I was really surprised. Mentally and physically calming, at a dose of only 10/12 grams (medium grind). And the next day, I felt an anxiolitic, almost sedative afterglow. The first 3 times it was the same.

Then the effects became more euphoric in the first part, with an elimination of anxiety but without sedation and with a slight elevation in mood. On the other hand, if I stop for 15 days, the effects of the beginning come back again. So in my case, I think there is a tolerance that sets in.

Overall I'm happy with this kava, but I plan to try other Fijians (because I tried a variety from Vanuatu, but the taste was difficult and the effects less suitable).
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