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What happened to Priority ???


Kava Enthusiast
There's no longer an option for Priority shipping with KWK.
They have Express for 1-2 day delivery.
But the Priority option for 2-3 days, which they've had for years, is gone.
The cheapest delivery option (for within the U.S.) is $13.19 with FedEx ground.
Is this some kind of glitch, or did they remove it ?
Can't imagine why it would be removed.

Kalm with Kava

Kava Vendor
@Kalm with Kava could you tell me what is the weight limit for the USPS Priority Shipping, before it increases to a higher Priority weight ?
This might sound crazy, but since we go directly to the USPS for shipping pricing, I really don't know. We tell them the weights and sizes of our orders, and they return back with the products we can use along with pricing. Sorry I'm not more helpful!