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Which Coles?


I went to two Coles supermarkets in Melbourne today. According to the Coles app, both had 'Fiji Kava Noble Root Powder' (50g) in stock and the app gave the aisle number. Neither supermarket had the kava in stock. The grocery section in both stores said they had never heard of the product and they definitely had never received a delivery. :banghead:

So could I ask forum members who have succeeded in buying kava from Coles to state the location of the store?


Kava Enthusiast
I saw an empty space where it was - complete with the half price sign! That was in Sydney though. It was in the vitamins section, next to the capsules fwiw.


Aus kava enthusiast
To be honest, it seems like it's best to give FijiKava a miss from what I've read. I actually have an unopened packet here at home..need to try it at some point.

So far I've tried 3 different kavas, and I'd say Blue Lagoon Kava was my favourite. Green Gold from Paul's Liquor is pretty decent too