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Why "Post Krunk" - comparison of experiences

Prince Philip

Duke of Edinborogu
Weeks ago, I listen to Lalla Ward describe the suicide of Alan Turing.  I'm familiar with the story.  It's history.

Elizabeth II asks me to rip the audiobook, so I'm listening to it again.  Krunk on two double-sized shells of Special Reserve... the first one with extra instant and cocoa powder, the second with Magnesium-L-Threonate.

Now, I listen to Lalla Ward describe his death again, and I cry.

I cry because I love my computer, old as it is.  I love how Information Technology has transformed the world for the better, and how it could transform the world even more.  I care about Alan Turing, and I'm highly upset that he decided that between being raped in prison and being hormonally turned into a pre-op transexual against his will, he decided to do neither and to eat an apple he injected with cyanide.

That's why I want you to post krunk.  I want you to care.  I want you to feel.  Strip down your defenses.  Metaphorically, as Tyler Durden said, "No shirts, no shoes."

And this isn't the first-time of re-experiencing media krunk.  That was the Doctor Who cartoon "Dreamland," and the experience was the same.  The line about broken treaties was just a historical truth the first time, but after a single shell of Shaman, it disturbed me that one group of people should treat another group so poorly.  "They're the US Army.  They can do whatever they want.  They've been doing it since the Bear River Massacre."  The first time, it was just a cynical truth... but under kava, I felt the full weight of the tragedy.

People like me... autistics who have to mask our emotions, people with PTSD who are burned out by feeling, men who are culturally forbidden from deeply caring about anything other than God and Sports (but not necessarily in that order)... kava forces out of that bullshit, it strips away culture as surely as it strips away stress, anger, and anxiety... and forces me to feel.

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Kava Lover
The reason I love wing krunk, is I feel it let's me see through the bs. I personally hate technology because it enslaves people into something that is not real and blinds them to the tragedy of life. When I'm krunk I'm open, I feel like I can better serve God when I'm krunk because following "judge not lest ye be judged" feels completely natural, I mean, why would you want to judge when you're krunk? It just doesn't make sense anymore to put yourself on a pedestal. When you're krunk you can clearly see that we are all in the same boat and we all suffer from the common disease of the human condition. I'm starting to come down from a Tongan lighting krunk and I can still feel its peaceful waves.