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Wild Harvest brand, tinctures and capsules


Kava Enthusiast
Hello. I wish to discuss Wild Harvest brand Kava. It is piper methysticum, there is no wild harvesting of Kava, however, the origin of root is tricky to establish, I'm pretty sure the most info I have on it is that it is from Vanuatu and the company is sourced in Oregon. Wild Harvest sells many herbs, and so they are not just a Kava Vendor.

I think it is important to buy Kava from a vendor that only sells Kava. The reason I purchase this product is because it is the only locally available Kava source, sold at the co op food store for a very high price.

Capsules are emppted into water or almond milk, stirred well, creating a suspension that has a Kava flavor. The suspension always settles, and therefore does not change the color of the water One thing I don't care for about this Kava is it dries my skin out and puts me to sleep within an hour, even if I have a few grams of it. It is nonetheless Kava and can be better than no Kava, circumstantially. It takes about 20-30 seconds to empty a capsule, with there being 90 capsules total, this 45 minute process 'harvests' 36 grams of Kava at a price of $25USD where I am buying locally.

Onto the tinctures. There is 15 grams of "Kava Extract" stored inside a 30 milliliter bottle of 60% ethanol, listed as "Organic Alcohol". This means there is 18ml of etOH per bottle, the same as a standard unit of alcohol sold at a bar. It is not intended to be consumed all at once, yet as someone who knows Kava, I know that's the only way I'm going to be getting a reasonable amount of Kava out of this bad boy. I try to stay away from these, they are convenient for having a little bit in a smoothie or chocolate milk with dinner to wind down the work evening.

Does anyone have information about the brand and their Kava? I've been having it from time to time, it is sold locally, and sometimes I pay for excecllent preferred Kava online and see it not shipped a week later, I go to the health food store and grab this to stretch for a week so I may still enjoy my "after work tea".