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Vendor News Fiji Fresh Kava will have a limited supply this holiday season

Discussion in 'Fiji Fresh Kava' started by FijiFreshKava, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. FijiFreshKava

    FijiFreshKava Kava Vendor

    My main kava root supplier in CA is almost out of stock. They can supply excellent pre-pounded kava from Fiji, but I'm not 100% sure about it so I declined.

    I'm looking into a few new whole root suppliers, as well as some alternative techniques to process the kava. I hope that we can get back up to speed in early January!
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  2. Ricardo Piquant

    Ricardo Piquant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Thanks for not compromising on what you think makes a guaranteed high quality product.
  3. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    This times a million. Also, @FijiFreshKava, thanks for letting us know. Vendors may speak about their supply, but rarely give the gritty details. We love seeing the ins and outs of the kava industry. Thanks for giving us a peek.
  4. Kodiak

    Kodiak Member

    I'm so glad I found your shop on these forums. I've been disappointed with a different Fijian vendor recently and very much look forward to the order I just put in with you guys. Thanks for focusing on quality and root maturity!

    I posted some order notes in my order just now about altering ratios to allow a 3/4 waka 1/4 lawena ratio due to conversations on here about waka vs lawena. If you can swing it, awesome, if not, no big deal! Looking forward to trying both!
  5. recentreturn

    recentreturn Kava Enthusiast

    Thanks for letting us know. I didn't drink much kava in December and then I tried to order and was mystified whether the lack of stock meant you were out of root or on vacation. I really enjoyed your product. Surprisingly, I especially liked the lawena (other lawenas haven't impressed me); great to mix some lawena into the waka. Look forward to you opening back up. I assume you aren't amenable to pounding the rest of your root chips and selling regular lawena at the powdered price?.. (which I wouldn't fault you for)
  6. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    I love that FFLawena. Great stuff. Their waka is excellent too but the lawena really leaps out at me as super wonderful.
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  7. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    Yeah i liked them both a lot but the lawena stood out as really nice for any occasion
  8. recentreturn

    recentreturn Kava Enthusiast

    It was surprisingly potent too.
  9. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    a very pleasant surprise it was, too.
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  10. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    Seeing you guys post in this thread when the Fiji Fresh guy hasn't updated for weeks is making me green! I could see the Lawena being a great blending kava with the other things I drink.
  11. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    it is good for blending but it's so darn good on its own that I don't really want to blend it.