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Post your kava supply

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by infraredz, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Vekta

    Vekta Notorious Lightweight Review Maestro wide circles... mmmmm:D
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    Bummer ok u win:(
  3. TidyMinion

    TidyMinion Kava Padawan

    Great pictures and it's really cool to get the behind the scenes from BKH. I'm well into my 1 lb of BKH Melo Melo and 1 lb of N@H Solomon Islands. And well into the large cup of the combo of both of those at the moment :) Patiently awaiting my newest order of KBR's Tongan Pride 2 to arrive Monday! Getting around to trying the most discussed/most praised distributors on these boards.

    BTW, anyone recently drinking the KBR Tongan? Maybe i'm just missing certain posts but doesn't seem like it's talked about that often. What I've read is positive just wonder if anyone has anything new to say about it. Thanks!
  4. infraredz

    infraredz BULA!

    I haven't, but I have tried the Fu'u which I've heard is similar (both are tongan from what I know and sound similar in effects).

    Very light colored, mild tasting and euphoric. Way more of a kavain type thing than a heavy DHM. I think I'm sensitive to Kavain, but I can only drink it during the day or it makes me a little too uplifted... I've read good things about both of them, but I know the Fu'u is really fine so if you like that, than definitely go for that! Definitely a heady kava, something I usually balanced out with a high DHM kava after doing it by itself a few times.
  5. TidyMinion

    TidyMinion Kava Padawan

    Keep hearing great things about the Fu'u so i'll give it a go at some point, no doubt! Already have some Tongan Pride on the way so it'll be good to have something to compare/contrast with later on.
  6. yepimonfire

    yepimonfire Kava Enthusiast

    Once all my stuff comes in I will be owning this thread....
  7. Ed!

    Ed! Kava Enthusiast

    I'm just going to buy Judd. Then I'll win.
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  8. Piper Methysticum

    Piper Methysticum Let Kava Take The Wheel

  9. TidyMinion

    TidyMinion Kava Padawan

    @yepimonfire I'm sure i'm not the only one curious about your Kava stash now. How bouts a pic to add to the thread?
  10. Ok, I accidently took inventory after getting into my cabinet to find some other botanicals that you don't want to hear about (not Ganja). I have 5 Kavas in stock as follows: Melo Melo, Fijian (BKH), Tongan Pride, Solomons, Wow and of course Kava candy. I really need to get at least one more DHM type Kava since I finished my Koniak. Way too many heady types. And of course I got some bottles in the fridge ready to go ...

    Deleted User, you are a daytripper like me and you look like you have lots of heady Kavas but also a nice stock of DHM kavas for beddy bye time. Well rounded collection there.
  11. TidyMinion, I forgot to mention the Tongan Pride. I find that Kava very, very heady almost to the point of distraction but it is potent for sure. I mix it with other Kavas.
  12. yepimonfire

    yepimonfire Kava Enthusiast

    While my stash has not yet been completed, I will post a sneak preview. Still have 20 more lbs on the way. At work right now, will post when I get home.
  13. TidyMinion

    TidyMinion Kava Padawan

    @yepimonfire Excellent!
    @Deleted User01 Yah i'm definitely a fan of the Tongan. I took that on my beach vacation recently and it paired nicely with the crashing waves and sand. It felt like that was the kind of place where kava was meant to be consumed. I found the taste more palatable just thinking about the sand and saltwater as sometimes kava tastes like i'm drinking a beach!