1. Hitch

    Do you sip or chug your kava?

    Bula All, I'm curious to know if you all sip or chug kava made from dried powder vs. if you ship or chug kava made from fresh root. I find I chug both but sometimes can sip kava made from fresh root I've also been experimenting with strong kava 'shots' (2-3oz) that I down all at once... just...
  2. Karuna Kava

    Kava Beverage Karuna Kava Fresh Green Hawaiian Kava Pouches

    Karuna Kava is making some very fun varieties of kava these days. Do you want to experience the joys of fresh green kava, but don't have a good source? We are sourcing our fresh green kava from Pu'u O Hōkū Ranch, and are using some great natural ingredients to improve upon the flavors. Fresh...
  3. Hitch

    What happened to Pacific Roots Kava?

    Bula everyone, I’ve loved ordering and drinking Pacific Roots Kava. However, it looks to be out of stock on the KWK website (where I used to get it from) and on the Kava Society of NZ site. I heard on a recent @kavasseur YouTube video that they might stop making it (hopefully not...